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  • The Riesling Closet

    Posted by Botrytis in Wines September 26, 2011

    Well, I've done a few of these blogs now, and some of you have even been kind enough to pass comment upon them, so I feel that I know you well enough to make a confession: I really like Riesling. In fact it is probably my favourite grape variety, and I proudly step out of…

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  • ‘No Worries Mate’ Australia Trip Part 1

    Posted by Bacchus in Wines September 15, 2011

    It’s easy to be seduced by the relaxed pace of life in Australia. There is a tendency to fall for the immediate charms of a country when on holiday (Greece elicited a similar response from me last year) while conveniently side-stepping any practical issues and downsides to actually living there. As I was only over…

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  • Ar-muhn-YAK

    Posted by Cerris in Wines September 12, 2011

    Like glowing little wasps we sucked the nectar out from the wax sealed bottle, lighting up as the fireworks exploded above the castle.
    The rampage of the Fringe Festival was over and it was fireworks night for the people of Edinburgh, so I needed something warming to sit on a chilly hill with. Brandy was the…

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  • On rising with the larks, and sinking the beers

    Posted by Botrytis in Wines September 5, 2011

    The extended Botrytis family has recently met up for a holiday on the Gower peninsula just outside Swansea. Curmudgeon that I am, I am child-free and single, but my brother has a pair of lively and early-rising young daughters, so part of my holiday experience is rather the reverse of the normal lazy sleep-ins…

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