Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Of Mountains, and Attention-Seeking Behaviour

    Posted by Botrytis in Wines March 26, 2012

    Hello again, and a very happy new year to you all. As I write, it's the first day of spring, so I realise I'm a little unseasonal in my greetings, but in early January, when such things are expected, I was in the process of closing down and packing up my shop, so any blog…

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  • Pinot Fiend

    Posted by Cerris in Wines March 19, 2012

     Yup. Pinot Fiend.
    That’s me.
    My life dominated by the lures and woes of Pinot Noir.
    A notoriously difficult grape to grow, one that requires much coaxing and care towards its delicate disposition to wind and frost with only a thin coating of skin to protect it. That probably explains why the grapes huddle so close in its…

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  • Chilean Elegance and Italian Finesse

    Posted by Bacchus in Wines March 16, 2012

    This is the time of year when every wine agency/importer spreads out its wares to entice new customers and consolidate existing partnerships. Over several weeks there is an endless procession of trade tastings in London and beyond, showing everything from cheap Pinot Grigio to expensive Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux. For me it’s a chance to…

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