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  • La Grande Bouffe

    Posted by Bacchus in Wines April 24, 2012

    I think I am still recovering from a ‘little’ get-together with friends over the weekend. To begin, we enjoyed some foie gras and smoked salmon on toast with a 1986 German Riesling Auslese that one of us had had the foresight to procure; a beautiful wine, still with a lovely citrus concentration and that magical…

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  • Of Couch Grass and Love Grass

    Posted by Botrytis in Wines April 16, 2012

    In another complete confirmation of my middle agedness, I was completely jubilant to discover that after a couple of years wait, I had reached the top of the allotment waiting list, and had been offered my own half-plot. So much of my free time of the past couple of weeks has been spent clearing and…

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  • Sherry O’ Clock

    Posted by Cerris in Wines April 12, 2012

    Wine o’clock or beer o’clock was in my student past signified when Neighbours started at twenty to six. Times have changed, as I have updated from Cherry Lambrini (thank goodness) to a tot of sherry in the evening. At the moment it’s the impressive 30 year old Oloroso by Sibarita.
    After watching ‘Board Walk Empire‘ where…

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  • Sunshine and Chilled White

    Posted by Bacchus in Wines April 2, 2012

    What a shame the early summer weather seems to be giving away to something more typical forthis time of year. Oh well, it was a treat while it lasted. It makes everything just that little bit betterit seems, as everyone throngs to the open spaces: squares, parks, riverbanks etc. and becomes morerelaxed and sociable. The…

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