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  • Underwater Champagne Drinking Club

    Posted by Balthazar in Wines January 22, 2013

    Having been fortunate to travel a bit, I’ve drank some weird and wonderful things in weird and wonderful places with weird and wonderful people. Freshly brewed palm wine on the Cameroon/Gabon border, where the process of getting your passport stamped also involved sharing a glass or 2 with the customs officials doing the stamping; Nicaraguan…

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  • It’s OK to be Oaky

    Posted by Botrytis in Wines January 14, 2013

    It’s the quietest time of the year. The season of post-Christmas denial has begun, and after the excesses of New Year’s, the nation has resolved never to drink again: a state of mind that typically lasts two to three weeks.
    Even I am trying to restrain myself, and as a result I am still able to…

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  • It Never Rains In California

    Posted by Balthazar in Wines January 10, 2013

    While the wet season, minus the heat, continues in tropical Britain, one can’t help but think of warm, dry, sunnier climes. My thoughts have been drifting towards California after reviewing my tasting notes from the year and coming across my entries for wines from the Hahn Estate in the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation in Monterey.


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  • What’s Wrong With A Little Tradition?

    Posted by Bacchus in Wines January 1, 2013

    This year I managed to get home for a thoroughly traditional Christmas with the family, and what a joy it was. Everyone was excited because we were all present for the first time in many years, and there promised to be plenty of food, drink, gifts and entertainment. My main duty was of course to…

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