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    Posted by Balthazar in Wines June 24, 2013

    Inspired by a few days holidaying in Germany, where my consumption of Riesling in all its different guises got me to thinking, ‘Is Riesling the greatest of all grapes’? I know there will be howls of derision and people scoffing at such a suggestion with claims such as ‘surely this person is mad, Pinot Noir…

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  • Pretty In Pink - It's All About Rosé

    Posted by Spirited Wines in Wines June 6, 2013

    Spring and summer, where, given the chance and the weather we become creatures of outdoor living, who doesn’t love sitting in their garden, the nearest park or on the beach with something chilled? The last few years have seen the re-emergence of rosé, blush, rosado, rosato or pink wines as the warm season drink of…

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  • Of Alternative Arrangements

    Posted by Botrytis in Wines June 3, 2013

    Third of June - It’s my birthday today. I must be very insistent on this, as to some this is controversial. But I assure you: Today Is My Birthday.
    Allow me to explain. The pedants of the world would point out that as I was born on the third of January 1973, today is not my…

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