Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Rediscovering An Old Favourite

    Posted by Balthazar in Wines February 24, 2015

    February heralds the start of the 2015  wine trade tastings,where you get the chance to not only discover new and exciting wines from familiar and not familiar wineries and regions, but also a chance to taste some of your old favourites. At a recent tasting it was great to revisit some of my favourite wines…

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  • New Age Sherry

    Posted by Bacchus in Wines February 8, 2015

    I recall attending a particular pre-dinner drink many years ago at some over-starched event, and yet it wasn’t the people, the conversation, or even the reason for the dinner that stuck in the mind but the drink that was served, and for all of the wrong reasons. A brown, alcoholic confusion served tepid in a…

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