• New Pearls in the Scottish Sea

    Posted by Malted Gamay in Spirits September 4, 2015

    As a whisky enthusiast and explorer I couldn’t miss this opportunity to share my latest discovery! I have finally found new pearls in the Scottish sea… I always tend to select my water of life by trying to fit it into a particular situation. This situation always has a proper context, involving food, location, persons…

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  • The 12 Drinks To Make It A Spirited Christmas

    Posted by Balthazar in Spirits, Wines December 20, 2014

    It’s that time of year again where the presents have been bought, the cards have been sent and the final planning for the Christmas Day meal has been done. Now thoughts turn to what to drink on the day. With a menu as varied as the weather on a summer day in the UK, it…

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  • Nostalgia: That Would Be Teeling

    Posted by Botrytis in Spirits November 7, 2014

    For our World Whiskey Week (see previous blog) we are being encouraged by the powers that be to celebrate things making a return or revival, just as Teeling Whiskey, who we have just begun stocking, has lately been reborn in Dublin.
    Thus, those of you who follow your local shop on Twitter, can expect to be…

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  • It's a Wide, Wide World of Whisky and Whiskey Out There...

    Posted by Balthazar in Spirits October 31, 2014

    Festival of Malts, our celebration of all things whisky/whiskey is well underway. We’ve journeyed through Speyside and are currently deep in the Highlands before heading to the rich malts of the Scottish Islands. Sure, when you mention whisky, the first thought is to the wonderful drams from Scotland but fortunately for all lovers of the…

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  • The Spirited Wines Guide to Malt Whisky

    Posted by Nosey Flynn in Spirits July 11, 2014

    I misspent five glorious years completing a university education at Edinburgh. One consequence of this investment was an enduring love for and - without wanting to sound pompous - some knowledge of a drink called “Scotch Whisky”. Of all distilled spirits this is the one that has the most prestige. Unfortunately, this prestige (as well…

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