New Pearls in the Scottish Sea

Posted by Malted Gamay in Spirits September 4, 2015

As a whisky enthusiast and explorer I couldn’t miss this opportunity to share my latest discovery! I have finally found new pearls in the Scottish sea… I always tend to select my water of life by trying to fit it into a particular situation. This situation always has a proper context, involving food, location, persons and last but not least my mood!

Waiting for our whisky supplier delivery on that day, I knew I would finally receive a few new references and enough samples for us to introduce them to all our clients and fellow whisky students. As product quality control is part of our job, my colleagues and I started to study the samples freshly arrived!

A bottle of Ledaig from the Provenance range by independent bottler Douglas Laing was the surprise we were waiting for! Aged for 8 years old in a classic refill hogshead, this is a beauty from the sea! If you’ve not heard of Ledaig you might know Tobermory from the island of Mull. Same distillery, but different whisky identities and characters. Tobermory is the soft, non-peated, fruity and smooth version from the spring and summer distillations. Ledaig - the distillery’s original name - is the maritime and peated single malt they produce during autumn and winter time. Lively, vigorous even, yet elegant at the same time, I find most of the Ledaig more interesting young as they keep this nervosity that makes them unique.

We shared a unique and sumptuous moment all together around this splendid Douglas Laing bottling of Ledaig. The aromas of sweet cured meat and soft peat smoke along with the freshness from the sea provide an excellent balance to this superb single malt which is bottled at 46% (un-chill filtered and natural colour). What about a food pairing? A few bacon and beetroot crisps made a sublime sea-and-land marriage. We all fell in love instantly with this maritime malt whisky and offered it to our colleague who’s wife had just had a baby! And when the baby happens to sleep (rare moments), he can now sit down in his rocking chair, take a sip of Ledaig, close his eyes and navigate across the northern seas...

As a remarkable discovery, I have to mention another great achievement of Douglas Laing, this time in their blended malt range. You may have come across Big Peat (Islay) or Timorous Beastie (Highlands), but what about Rock Oyster? If somebody asked you to describe the style of the Islands’ malts, what would you answer? Personally, I believe each distillery has its unique character and in this case, it’s probably impossible to speak of a standard style.

So what is Rock Oyster about? It is just a piece of art in blending, bringing together single malt whiskies from the Scottish Isles. A beauty from the sea with the elegance of Arran, the salty oceanic identity of Islay, the spiciness of Jura, the fruitiness of the Orkney Island distilleries, with all the complexity you could expect from a premium blended malt. I have never tasted such a malt whisky. And what a finish! Whether you are an Islay or Highlands malt lover, it suits all tastes and palates, bringing together whisky experts and beginners.

Bravo Douglas Laing and Merci…

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